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    I've 'unhidden' the secret track on this EP, a song I recorded on my tape machine back before computers about my friend getting attacked in Hornsby. Also, you get all the artwork scanned in super hi res! Forget about it!

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released September 9, 2004

all songz © & (p) 2004 Spod Music - - Distributed in Australia by Shock Records (plus BLE/SPOD/SHOCK logos)

The Spodemonic Foundation are Spod, Krylon & Axltronixxx

Secks Party 4 Eva *
Written by Spod in 2003. Telefone Screamz: Brizett O’Riley; Lady Voxxx: Krylon; Synths: Rudi Stahgbonn

Parkin' Aeroplanez †
Written by Spod in 2000. Lady Voxxx: Krylon.

Written by Spod in 1997. Backing Vox: Krylon, Amber (A-Blade) McCulloch; Synthz & Programming: Spod, Additionizzle Synths: Rudi Stahgbonn; Ultranerd Manchant: Matt Weston, Brett O’Riley, Adam Cooper, Spod.

Makin' (ultra) Party (x a billion)*
(Original version on ‘Taste the Radness’) Written by Spod & Peejay in 1997. Synths: Rudi Stahgbonn, Backing Screamz: Brett O’Riley.

Country of Sweden*
Written by Spod & Andy Clockwise in 2000. Orchestral Arrangementz & Sound Scapetualisation: Spod; Nordic Manchorus of Ultimate Nordic Pizower: Mizatt Weston, Spizod, Brizett O’Riley, Adam Cooper; Synths: Rudi Stahgbonn. Respekt to Redhalens, apologies 2 Quan.

Loooife (TTR outtake)∞
Written by Spod in 2003; Vox & Lyrixxx: Rob Clunne (sampled from Dirtbike - Life, 1994)

My Friend Gotz Fucked up (4 Track) ≈
Written by Spod in 1997.

* featuring ‘Blacklevel Embassy’ - Bass: Brizett O’Riley, Guitar: Adam Cooper, Drums: Dave Kneale.
BLE Produced & Engineered by Matt “Garlic Fingaz” Voigt, co-produced by Brett “Pantz” O’Riley @ Sing Sing Studioz, 3121.
† Produced by Spod in 2004 @ 2015
∞ produced by Jonboyrock & Spod in 2003 @ 2131
≈ Originally released on ‘Redfive Standing By’ on cassette only in 1998. Recorded & produced by Spod in 1997 @ The House from Hell onto 4 trax of pure cassette glizory.

Cover photography by @ 2131
Cover layout & design by Phoebe Weekes, @ 2130

Vocals produced & tracked by Quan Yeomans @ Den Del La Quizzo 2000 except ∞ & ≈
Mixed by Jonboyrock @ Velvet Studios 2000
Mastered by Steve Smart @ 301 2015.
Exective Producer: Spod & the Lord Galthor, son of Garthrond.

Thanxxx 2 all the above Eternal Championz for making this Albumette happen within 3 weex of burning powa. Also fanxxx 2: Lisa Marshall, Leo & Matt, Stef Zagorsky, Scott Herbert, Archi Firez, Danny Heifetz, Andy Clockwise, Amber McCulloch, Kylie Banyard, Alex White, Jackson, Jordan, Karlie, Kristy, Emma, Bella, Mum, Brent and everyone else who tizouches my hizeart every single dizay till the untimely rise of demonz marking my ultimate demizzle & all that I somehow forgizot 2 menshun. Super Ultra Thanxxx 2 Toni & Steve Slaats & Brizett + a special booyah 2 Peejay & Lord Redfive 4 eva.



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SPOD Sydney, Australia

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